WAHH . . . . This CNY to me was tremendously GREAT ! ! !

Slightly different from last year, coz my aunt and her family

back klang celebrated with us. Which mean I got extra ang pao .

. wahaha ! ! ! From day 1 to 5 we just keep on bsy of visiting

relatives house. Technically, it's not ang pao issue. Is to spend

more time and get to know each other with some 'nt quite

familiar' relatives. I can't even recognize some of them . . .

Tonight my mom told me this year my ang pao mny increased

30% from last year, which is Rm1000+. She ask me whether

wanna deposit the whole mny into bank ? ? ? my mind keeps

on struggling
( Can I spend some of it ???) But unfortunately, I scare to

say so . . .coz before CNY and my holiday, I over-spent a lot of

money. If I still asking this kind of question to her . . . I'm gonna

screwed for sure ! ! ! ! so . . . . Better think before Speaks

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Today I'm so happy to see my granny finally can walk herself without anybody help. Without means that my granny started to get recover, 4 months ago she fell sick of her eyes that directly affected her leg can't move smoothly...everyday she needs us to help when she wanna go out from her room. She received a lot of treatment from all hospitals around Subang and Klang, but her leg still didn't have any sign of recover...this Chinese new year I wish my granny can back to normal coz her attitude became more 'unusual' than before。。

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Last week after my exam finished....I already started to enjoyed my life to fullness by going out and shopping with all my friends,as I know "holiday week=spend money week" I never doubt of this word...coz from last week till now,just a week and a half...I already spent more than RM500+ ,45percent of overall spending used in food and entertaiment activities...the rest in new clothes...I think this time I'm in big trouble...I shoudnt spend so much since nw the holiday haven't over yet....but sometimes when friends ask me out for "tea break" I just can't say "no" to them...maybe bcos I dnt knw how to reject people request....But truly,i can't continue this behavior again.... (ToT)

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