June 2010 is not an ordinary month for guys especially, its FIFA WORLD CUP ! ! GAMEs that united our whole world to one nation, football nation, when the time approach to 730, 1000, or 239am . . . the television just cant stop the 'PASSION' of football. And the whole place just full of football stuff, the first week that is the match between the organized country South africa with Mexico, that day I invited some frens to Sunway watch the "first FIFA experience" not only that, its also the first time I watch football at bar lounge, normally our main location jst mamak but we jst wanna make something different from the line, hahaha . . . . quite nice tough ! ! watching with lots of 'international peoples' and SHOUT OUT LOUD together, I like the moment when the ball nearly was getting nearer to the goalkeeper, only thing that came across my mind is just " SHOUT ". But the first experience isn't that cheap, DAMN IT . . the normal fruit drinks mixed with another "whatsoever" fruits flavor cost Rm15 one . . . they just wanna eat our BONE ! ! and most serious is that the beer's price change according the time period, if 9-2am it's Rm21 for small bottle, WHAT THE HELL of Rm 7.5 market price for Rm21 ! ! TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS ! ! Overall I watched 70+% through-out the whole matches but the most exciting part is not the match but enjoy watching with your friends or family, especially people with 9 persons at mamak " Blow Water " , shouting for the game. Family is that your parents will watch together with you, though they're not quite interested on football but just to get involved in our " environment trend " . But yesterday already is final, from now now , all things get back to normal . .. no more midnight sleep and 3hrs sleep per day .

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Last week when I was still hanging in the middle of my sem break, I did a really worse thing . . . I go to measure my own weight, GOSH ! ! totally FREAKED . . . . my current weight is 73kg ! ! ! ! ! That moment i was stunted . . . . figuring why this would happened to me . . .what am I suppose to do ? ? ? ? I still remember the last time I weight this stupid machine was more than half year ago, that time 68kg . . now increased 5KG ! ! ! ! OMG ! ! ! ! Started from that day, I told my mom "every breakfast I only can consume Oat Meal " . . . . no time to lose . . . . when i finished my word, my sister replied back and suggested me some possibility

1)Your body really got fats

2)Your body's muscle mass getting UP

Last time when I was still in over-weight period "83kg" form 4 . . . . I told myself that this STUPID tummy must disappeared forever from my BODY ! ! ! ! And I had enough of being called as fatty . . . . 3months of 'hell training' to pull myself DOWN . . by attend gym, decrease my daily meal, 2-3times of exercise everyday . . . . 14kg slowly GONE ! ! !

I'm proud of that, because of that I being exposed to muscle building, I never thought I would choose this exercise as my main 'dish'. I hope this 5 kg is the muscle mass not the fat, 'but I knw some of it is fat" .Anyway, when I stay Hostel, I will try to control myself, breaksfast will be the only option for me.

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Everyone is finding for a reason to drink beer. Right? It turns out that a lot of people are. But not for a 19years old guy "me" friends would wondered why I will started to drink alcoholic drinks???because they know my personality very well " I can't touch anything except my parents permission" that's why they always said I'm a ' kokci=baby ' guy !!! But last year, one issue that involved me into alcoholic drinks...From that day on, I finally know that beer actually is not bitter but smooth. The reason I drink beer is very very simply, because beer can cure one of my disease, " secret " Beer really is good for your health, I'm not making excuses, in fact it's truth!!!

-Alcohol in general has been shown to reduce stress. This one is obvious, and may be the best reason beer is good for your health.

-Beer is Good for the Heart
A study was conducted from 1982 - 1996 on the elderly. It was found that those who drank at least 1.5 per day had a 20-50 percent less chance of having heart failure.

- Beer Improves Blood Circulation
Beer increases your "good" cholesterol, or HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Its basically a kind of blood fat, so it reduces blood's tendency to clot.

-Beer as a Multi-vitamin
Beer is a significant source of magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12

However, excessive drinking of alcohol can cause health problems. That's why I only consume once or twice per-month, and each time also one small bottle...coz I easily to get drunk!!! So I guess I'm not a beer fans...I drink for
Fun when social with friend...and health treatment !!!

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How many of you were watching last time when Tiger Woods won the PGA Masters Golf Championship to move him onto a grand total of nine Major Championships??? I guess probably ages like us wouldn't prefer watching golf match coz it's FREAKING BORED to watch some fellows trying to hit a small little ball to a small hole . . . There is no exception for me as I hate watching golf sport either. But this monday my fren told me that he wanna play golf at Subang Jaya's golf "course". He want me to accompany him as only his other frens not interested on playing golf ! ! So . . . I say YES to him since i never play golf before. When we arrived the golf course, just both of us there . . . as the time only 430pm "INSANE HOT CONDITION". Before i start, my fren teach me the basic skill of GOLF, position . . . hand motion . . . angle of swing ! ! After that, each of us ready to play by holding a golf club, me using woods that my fren said it used for long-distance fairway or long shots, where he used an irons that mainly for short-distance shots. Although my fren learned before the basic skills, but both of us looks like a noob amateur as we keep on missed the shots, or hitting the ball in different direction. Seriously, golf needs a lot of energy, very interesting as it completely turned my thinking around as far as golf only a simple sport to play. We been playing at there for roughly 1 and half hour. . . . our hand started to feel the 'muscle cramp', knee pain, shoulder pain . . .but actually it is very common injuries suffered. He was so happy because he finally got a partner willing to play golf with him, and he requests me to accompany him every thursday at 4pm. I guess its also a good thing for me, coz I can get extra exercise for another sport ! ! YAHOO . . . .

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Yeah u can have tons of friends around you, but a really best friend is a person you can really trust, someone you can tell your secrets to and they can keep it a secret, someone to cheer you up when you're sad and someone that's always there for you. . . and cross the boundary of everything that normal friends does. . . such as they won't haggle any tiny problem with you. For me, I think both of us not jst a nrmal definition of best friend, but really a best friend that cross the definition of Brother . . .No matter what happen, we still will spend some time hanging out, of course with a lot of friends together, he will introduces his college fren to me, and of course I will introduce some of my college fren to him . . . now all his college friends almost I met before, coz I went 'Karaoke Contest' with them before ! ! ! Sometimes I just felt guilty to him, coz almost every time when some of our old fren 'jio' us for Mamak or 'higher class abit punya cafe'. I only transportation tool is him, or some of my old fren ask me for drinks . . . I got no transport, I will consider my best friend to fetch me there . . although my best friend doesn't knw them well, but I will say ' go la, u can knw them more well and I can belanja you' . After tht, he will agree to fetch me go . .haha ! ! ! Every when jst both of us out for drinks or foods, our pattern is ' this time u belanja, nxt time i belanja ' . . . .except some dinners tht really gonna hurt 'bad' on our wallet . . we will pay our own meal only . . When only both of us on a table with 2 drinks at a cafe, we can roughly spent at least 2hours only for chit-chating, both us are 鸟人 tht's why can say so much 鸟话!!I still rmb last 2years when we 're still form 5, which also EuropeCup 08 season, we're not gather together watching football at mamak, but watching at house with our own. . . but we 'phone' each other by talking about the matches and also (+) 鸟话!!we can talk from 1st match until end match which nearly 1 and half hour . . . (nvr gonna forget tht) coz talk until my housephone no battery . . . damn INSANE ! ! I always a good listener, I always listen to his secrets and gives some advice to him when he's in troubles, and mostly is me who needs more help than he does . . . nxt week maybe I will organize a 'yamcha' plan at BukitTInggi, Hope can call all friends together and hav FUN ! !

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Why recently so many people starting to step toward a new experience.

Can we just be as same as the old time (5years ago) ? ?

My mind was muddled with a lot of stupid thinks . . . .

I should not figure so much issues about this . . .

But sometimes I just cannot control myself . . .

And it's totally a wasting of time . . .

Coz I'm not eligible of being part of it .
. .

Or maybe it's too "mature" for me to play ? ? ?

My thinking is childish and cannot really understand people's intention . . .

But still, best friends always be along with me without any delays . . .

Whenever or whatever, I'll managed to spend some of my time hanging out with them . . .

Perhaps for me now, most importantly is friendships . . . no other contaminated thinking's possibilities again . . .

I need some time away from this, and rekindle the true of ME . . .

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WAHH . . . . This CNY to me was tremendously GREAT ! ! !

Slightly different from last year, coz my aunt and her family

back klang celebrated with us. Which mean I got extra ang pao .

. wahaha ! ! ! From day 1 to 5 we just keep on bsy of visiting

relatives house. Technically, it's not ang pao issue. Is to spend

more time and get to know each other with some 'nt quite

familiar' relatives. I can't even recognize some of them . . .

Tonight my mom told me this year my ang pao mny increased

30% from last year, which is Rm1000+. She ask me whether

wanna deposit the whole mny into bank ? ? ? my mind keeps

on struggling
( Can I spend some of it ???) But unfortunately, I scare to

say so . . .coz before CNY and my holiday, I over-spent a lot of

money. If I still asking this kind of question to her . . . I'm gonna

screwed for sure ! ! ! ! so . . . . Better think before Speaks

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